About Us


Cinema has come to be recognized as one of the most powerful mediums. But in India it has remained a means of glossy entertainment, rather than a catalyst of social change and a vehicle of culture. And the efforts of the cine clubs have remained to large extent is dated and sporadic, to say the least. Cinema need to go beyond the main stream and the metropolitan, into the grass root level. And somehow when it comes to weaving myriad cultures, seen in India context, somehow we seem to fall behind.

The aims and objectives of Chalachitram are –
  • To take films closer to the people at large
  • To increase appreciate of recent trends of film and film making
  • To explore possibilities of film as a weapon to create awareness of our heritage
  • To have informed interactions, connect and collaborate with directors, producers, actions on films and film making
  • To bring into fore historical and social movement in support of objectives so stated
Film Festival and Cultural Fest
  • Seek to create a forum for building nationalism, unity and patriotism
  • To build national unity through cultural exchange
  • To bring governmental agencies closer to people when it comes to cultural exchange and debate
  • To create awareness of our rich culture and heritage, which is one of its kind and also dates back to the earliest times
  • To build a bridge between our traditional art form with that of modern era
  • To make Assam a hub of cinema tourism.